Welcome to our new service called MacManHome. Designed to get you and your home connected, automated and working smarter.

£19 per month, covers up to 4 Macs and 4 iDevices

30 day FREE trail available – t&c’s apply

  • It's quick and simple, promise.
  • £ 0.00

what’s included?

unlimited chat, phone, email and remote support*

Discounted onsite visits

20% off support visits to your home

Discounted Mac workshop service

20% off workshop service charges

Free Mac MOTs

free annual MOTs for all your Macs**

free one hour Mac tutorial

free 60 minute in-store tutorial on sign up***

Sign up to Mac support and get a free health check

free one hour onsite internet health check-up****

Same day hardware assessments

same-day hardware assessments

VIP priority on all repairs

VIP priority on all hardware repairs

Free collect and return of hardware

free courier collection and return with repairs

exclusive offers

exclusive offers in-store and online

schedule a call

If you would prefer to chat about your requirements. Feel free to schedule a call with one of our experts.

We promise no jargon will be used.

why choose us?

Seamless technology throughout your home

Peace of mind now your internet security is in place

Super friendly staff who offer jargon free advice

Dedicated engineers managing your account

Convenient collection and return of your faulty devices

Monthly payments to spread the cost over the year

*N/A for iDevices, Mac only **your Mac would need to visit us ***choose between in-store or on-site check up ****call out charges apply