Meet the team

We’re not a faceless IT company. In fact, we’re quite the opposite. We love to chat. Especially about Apple hardware and software. So do please let us know if we’re going on a bit, as it has been known! Anyway, here come the mugshots:

Meet the Tunbridge Wells Team


BossMan Pro

Since joining MacMan in 2012 and opening the second MacMan workshop in Tunbridge Wells’ The Pantiles later that year, his personal life has since described itself as a ’Xero Widow’. However he stills harks back to the drum kit playing days of his yoof… and promises to one day form a raw funk covers band AND a Primal Scream covers band. The latter to be called “Spinal Cream”. His words, not ours.


MacMan Manager

Seb is our resident rock-star-in-waiting. And with a propensity for techsmithery and a proclivity to tattoos he’s also our resident hipster-star-in-waiting too! He knows nearly everything about nearly everything to do with Apple software, but, please, don’t ever question the choice of songs playing on Apple Music in the workshop…



We were very pleased to be able to add Max to our team in 2019. He’s been a great addition since coming to us from another excellent independent local business. He’s often known in the workshop by the name ‘Maxwell’ or ‘Maximillian’ or ‘Maxi’ or ‘iMax’ or…well, the list is endless to be honest. Endless hours of Maximus workshop fun.


iDevice Legend

Andres came to us from PC World after working in their Know How team. He holds the title of being the only person in MacMan history who chose to learn to fix phones before Macs when starting and for that we are ever indebted to him. Legend.


Efficient, Fast and Fabulous

Roland is our newest member and what an addition he has been. Fast, efficient repairs is his game. Welcome aboard Roland.


Customer Service King

Samuel is the first person you’ll see when visiting our Tunbridge Wells store. Always welcoming you with a smile and happy to help whatever the issue.


Sophie has been an Apple devotee since the early 90s, having spent several years working for the late Douglas Adams – author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – and apparently the first person in Europe to buy a Mac! She joined the team mid-Pandemic, loves to write and is an unwitting Spurs supporter – but has quickly realised not to attempt ‘football chat’ with Jon.


Chief Executive Editor

Loves nothing more than an organised file, a tidy calendar and a grammatically corrected communication. Norah is living proof that being a paid up, card carrying member of the Apostrophe Protection Society™  can actually be a help and not a hindrance in the workplace. She also claims to have never lost a sock. Ever.

Meet the Brighton Team


MacMan Manager

As the oldest* member of the MacMan team he’s often the go-to point for many, many, many a question or query from both customers and team. Apart from football that is, where he has unapologetically supported Arsenal and not Brighton & Hove Albion throughout his time with us. (*MacMan employment years, not human years)


Resident Genius

Need a genius? Look no further than the workshop where Dan is likely to be performing a Mac repair with the dexterity of an open heart surgeon while hardcore D & B plays in the background. And it’s not just his music taste that is classic. Dan’s favourite Apple product is his 160GB iPod Classic, indeed.


Wizard of OS

David is a wealth of Apple knowledge and cites his favourite all time piece of Apple hardware as the Mac SE/30. His current squeeze though is the MacBook Pro (15-inch, mid-2012) as it is “the last of the configurable greats”, on which he currently loves playing with Native Instruments’ DJ Traktor.


The Fixologist

Dwight joined our Brighton team as an iDevice repair technician and hit the ground running quickly, as he used to repair his friends’ phones just for fun*. He also used to make cocktails just for fun too, and is therefore an equally quick mixologist – which is handy!

[*Don’t try this at home, kids!]


Vice President of People

We all love our jobs and we all love getting paid. We also love working at MacMan, but we all love our holidays, too. Laura makes sure we get paid. And have holidays. We really love Laura.

Meet the Crawley Team



Music mad, gadget mad and customer service mad, Elliott has been an excellent addition to our Horsham team since 2018. His uncanny ability to both play the guitar and sing well backfired though when he decided to enter the X-Factor television show(!!!!!!!!!!!). Luckily for us his audition wasn’t successful as his job interview with us certainly was.


The Number Ninja

Being car crazy doesn’t make Darius completely mad thankfully – especially when said person is in charge of paying all our bills and making sure others have paid theirs too! Cost saving crazy Darius was an excellent addition to the management team in 2017 and has continued to be of great use in non monetary work too. His uncanny ability to understand our finances ridiculously quickly backfired badly for him when we also asked him to be our Operations Manager too! And he said yes, which was handy.


Original MacMan

Since founding MacMan in 2006, Matt has continually attempted to over-compensate for his sometimes questionable memory skills and has found FantasticalAsana, cycling, golf, and really quite pokey craft ale to be the most helpful in doing so. MacMan wouldn’t be MacMan without Matt man.


Rag and Bone Man of Tech

Josh is the man when it comes to recycling and repurposing older tech. He heads up our new SellFair initiative making good things happen with our old tech.

Check out our new SellFair website.

Meet the Sevenoaks Team


MacMan Manager

The man with over a 100,000 youtube views cannot be wrong can he? And to be honest since joining us in 2014 he’s usually not; especially when regarding punctuation, pronunciation, grammar, Apple Macs and Logic Pro X.