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  • Lee Jones

    Stressful couple of days with problems with iPhone followed by Mac which i needed for work. I found MacMan online as my usual guy is not around and am so glad I did. James was great - reassuring, upbeat and sensible. He dealt with the issues there and then and gave great advice. So good to find local support. I highly recommend him and will use again. Thanks.

    Lee Jones Avatar
    Lee Jones
  • The Real Si-B

    These guys are a great, they all seem to know their stuff, offer friendly professional advice & excellent service . Plus they won't rip you off in your time of need, which counts for a lot these days. I would 100% go back to them & trust their expertise in any future 'Appley panic' type situation. Dwight is an " i-thingy' genius thanks for getting me out of a fix - Highly recommended.

    The Real Si-B Avatar
    The Real Si-B
  • Frank Whitehouse

    I was very impressed with the excellent customer service that I received from both Matt and Elliot. I took my iPad in for a new battery and was very happy with the work. Unfortunately the battery did not hold a full charge, so MacMan replaced the battery again straight away and with no quibble. They kept me posted about the repair all the time. Great prices as well. Highly recommended.

    Frank Whitehouse Avatar
    Frank Whitehouse
  • Mike Goodfelow

    Friendly and knowledgable staff. Regrettably my IMac was beyond repair, but I purchased one of their pre-owned examples which was in as new condition and they migrated all the data from my old hard drive across to the replacement machine. Now I’m up and running again. All very reasonable on price and would highly recommend to anyone in need of troubleshooting an Apple computer.

    Mike Goodfelow Avatar
    Mike Goodfelow
  • Gordon Newman

    Walked in with an i phone run over by a car and had forgotten my i cloud password. The team were amazing. The perseverance of the whole team to find a solution to being continually locked out of i cloud was incredible. I walked out with a new phone and 10 years of data back on. I can not ever remember getting this level of service anywhere ever and I am 64yrs. To have lost all the pictures and videos of my children and grandchildren would have been so distressing.

    Gordon Newman Avatar
    Gordon Newman
  • Jennifer John

    I can not recommend the MacMan enough, they saved some very precious data from a completely dead hard drive, for which I am very thankful. They also got my MacBook Pro back to seeming brand new condition and speed. All within a week and with a very reasonable invoice. Thank you so much Dan and the team :)

    Jennifer John Avatar
    Jennifer John
  • Anton Vamplew

    Great service. The hard drive had failed, so they installed a new one and transferred EVERYTHING (settings and data) over from the dead one. It now works much faster and with a bigger drive. Very happy.

    Anton Vamplew Avatar
    Anton Vamplew
  • Howard Miller

    I asked them to help me choose a refurbished iPhone (and which webiste to get it from) and then, when I had bought it, to transfer my data over from the old phone to the new one. The whole thing only earned them £30-odd, but they couldn't have been more helpful, coping really patiently with my technophobia.

    Howard Miller Avatar
    Howard Miller

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