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  • Diana Springall

    The hard drive on my Mac mini was repaired at the Sevenoaks shop - new part ordered quickly and restored efficiently - and - they managed to rescue and transfer all the contents. Very pleasant staff.

    Diana Springall Avatar
    Diana Springall
  • Patt Fallon

    I cannot fault MacMan for the Business Service. They are very professional and have helped get my Mac repaired very quickly, after a liquid spillage incident! Great to know their is work is also guaranteed and they checked up with me later to ensure everything was alright. If you use Macs for business, you should have a Business Plan for MacMan for that piece of mind.

    Patt Fallon Avatar
    Patt Fallon
  • Anthony Buckland

    Excellent v efficient service at reasonable price. 2 iPhone batteries changed within 1 working day. Apple needed 5 working days & would have been more expensive.

    Anthony Buckland Avatar
    Anthony Buckland
  • Frank Whitehouse

    I was very impressed with the excellent customer service that I received from both Matt and Elliot. I took my iPad in for a new battery and was very happy with the work. Unfortunately the battery did not hold a full charge, so MacMan replaced the battery again straight away and with no quibble. They kept me posted about the repair all the time. Great prices as well. Highly recommended.

    Frank Whitehouse Avatar
    Frank Whitehouse
  • Damian Brewis

    Had an old Mac Mini which needed a new hard drive.
    Clear pricing with options, didn’t just assume a single solution which was fantastic!
    Great communication during the repair.
    Couldn’t be happier. Will use again

    Damian Brewis Avatar
    Damian Brewis
  • Vanessa Gebbie

    Very helpful, had a home visit to assess the laptop and do an MOT, then ordered a part and took the laptop in when it suited me, to upgrade the drive. Very quick. Very reasonable. So far so good! Thank you so much.

    Vanessa Gebbie Avatar
    Vanessa Gebbie
  • Brian Edes

    Great Customer Service. Thank you MacMan and particularly Elliott who helped me through the process of getting my old MacBook Air running smoothly again.

    Brian Edes Avatar
    Brian Edes
  • Matt Hawkes

    Excellent service
    Took my old MacBook in after a constant beach ball and slowing down of computer
    They fixed it and it now takes 34 secs to turn on and not slow anymore.
    Highly recommend !!

    Matt Hawkes Avatar
    Matt Hawkes

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