Apple Mac Data Recovery

We have been specialising in Apple Mac data recovery for many years now, so you’re in good hands.

Firstly don’t panic! Secondly, don’t believe all the daft rumours about dropping your drive from a height, or freezing it to get it working again. This will, without doubt, make things worse.

In many cases, your data is recoverable. We would say that nine times out of ten, your Mac data is recoverable. The million dollar question is, how valuable is that data to you?

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We can help recover your data in many ways. We have listed some typical scenarios below.

  • Physical Drive Failures

    If you’re hearing nasty clicking or mechanical scraping noises then it’s likely your drive is physically failing. Turn your Mac off and call us. Continuing to use your Mac increases the chance of losing your data, and decreases the chance of a successful recovery.

  • SSD Failures 

  • SSD’s are super reliable but this doesn’t mean they don’t fail. They can, and when they do recovery is tricky. It’s worth us assessing the drive though. All is not always lost.
  • Accidental Data Deletion

  • If you have deleted data in error, turn your Mac off and call us. Using your Mac after deleting a file decreases the chance of us being successful. We can recover from SD Cards, internal hard drives and external hard drives.
  • Entourage/Outlook Database Corruption

    If emails are being displayed incorrectly or Entourage/Outlook is unable to open, it’s likely your database has some form of corruption. This is all fixable and once fixed we would highly suggest you look at using Apple Mail instead.

Our standard Mac data recovery fee is £150.00 inc VAT – If we’re successful. If we’re not successful, there’s NO charge. That sounds fair to us.

In severe cases your hard drive may need to be dismantled and worked on in a sterile environment. If this is the case we will assess your drive for £20.00 and then report back to you with our findings. This will include how much of the data we will be able to recover, and also the cost of recovery. The cost of recovery will vary depending on the work involved, but typically it will be three to four times the cost of our standard Mac data recovery fee.

The £20.00 assessment fee is non-refundable. Again, there is no charge for the actual Mac data recovery if we are unsuccessful.