iPhone Repairs

Is your touchscreen cracked, or scratched? Has your battery lost its mojo? Are you struggling to hear what Uncle Ralph is saying over FaceTime? Sounds like you need an iPhone repair!

We can fix all these problems and more (unless Uncle Ralph needs new teeth: we can’t help with that). Our iPhone repair work is top-notch because our technicians are Apple Certified and use the best components. Plus your repair comes with our standard 90 days warranty so you can rest easy knowing that your iPad will get fixed and stay fixed.

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Digitiser (glass)Component (not inc rear cam)Battery
iPhone 4/4S£35£45£35
iPhone 5/5C£40£40£40
iPhone 5s£45£45£40
iPhone SE£50£45£45
iPhone 6£70£45£45
iPhone 6 Plus£80£45£45
iPhone 6S£90£50£45
iPhone 6S Plus£125£50£50
iPhone 7£100£55£50
iPhone 7 Plus£125£55£50
iPhone 8£115£60£55
iPhone 8 Plus£125£60£60
iPhone X£250£60£60
iPhone XR£205£85£85
iPhone XS£265£90£115
iPhone XS Max£385£95£95

Please use our iPhone repair widget below to select the iPhone service or repair you require. At the end of the form you will need to checkout to complete the process.

If you get stuck, please give us a call or use the orange chat facility below.

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