MacMan Values

HELPING CREATE MORE IMPACTS IN OUR WORLD… MacMan is part of the worldwide B1G1 scheme, which brings new purpose, meaning and relevance to our business by embedding giving right at the core of what we do and we are doing it together with our customers. Everytime you buy from us we make a donation to B1G1. In February 2020, our first month working with B1G1, we purchased over 2000 e-learning days for a school in India on behalf of our customers.


In the last 12 years, a great deal has changed at MacMan. We’ve grown from a single founding employee to a team of 16 fantastic staff spread between four buzzing locations. As Apple’s product range increased, so too did the services we provided our customers, and we now proudly help thousands of Mac users every year with Apple services that include remote Mac support, on-site training, data transfer, and iPhone repairs, just to name a few. In addition to our Brighton, CrawleyTunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks shops, we also have a snazzy online store selling refurbished Apple products that can be conveniently purchased and delivered to your home with just a few clicks.

But a lot has stayed the same in the last ten years, too. Especially when it comes to our values. We’ve tweaked our values as we’ve grown, but they’re still true right down to our core and we think it’s important we share them so our customers know what to expect when they walk in our shop, give us a ring or send us an email.

Always be welcoming and friendly. We know how stressful a broken iPhone or malfunctioning Mac can be for our customers, so we try to alleviate any anxiety they may be feeling by being friendly and proactive from the moment we pick up the phone, hit send or an email, or welcome them into the shop.

Use honest, clear, and jargon-free communication. Communication in the tech industry can sometimes get a little too techy, and for many of our customers, this kind of language leaves them feeling unsure about exactly what’s going on. As such, we promise to use jargon-free language and to be as clear as possible when we’re making a sale, describing a piece of hardware, or guiding you through a tricky Mac conundrum. And we won’t sugar-coat anything, either. If you have a problem, we’ll clearly explain it to you and be honest about solutions and costs. Whether you’re buying a new computer or receiving a repair, we’ll give you all the information you need and let you make the decision about moving forward. After all, it’s your machine, we’re just here to help you with it.

Offer independent and unbiased advice. We don’t put profit before our principles, and will always provide our customers with independent and unbiased advice about their Apple products. As much as we love Apple, we know that other products sometimes fit a customer’s needs better than theirs do. We also believe that your Apple products should last many years and provide great value for money, so we won’t pressure you into upgrading to a new computer or iDevice unless you’re ready to do so.

Provide the highest standard of work using the best quality parts. Our Mac and iDevice repairs are the best around. Our Apple Certified Technicians quickly and thoroughly resolve problems and perform repairs. We research our suppliers and make sure our parts are the best quality so your repairs and upgrades will last as long as possible. We know that our services are the best, and we stand by this claim by providing our customers with a 90 days no quibble warranty on all our repairs and a 6 month no quibble warranty on all our sales of Apple products which we have refurbished ourselves.

To ensure your Apple kit has the longest life on earth possible. For all their faults, Apple do make the best computer and mobile hardware (in our opinion!) and that is why we always try and squeeze out the maximum life-span possible of any Apple product. Sometimes it cannot be the whole product and may only just a part of it, but we can’t stand the thought of usable electronic equipment going to landfill sites. So, we try and use it or repair it! Therefore though, if you do bring your 10 year old MacBook into us thinking it may be dead forever, please don’t be surprised if we do everything in our power to keep that machine going for just a little bit longer. And when you might tell us you want to order a brand new machine to replace your older one, please don’t be upset if we also explain to you we have a large selection of excellent computers that we have refurbished ourselves AND come with our excellent no quibble warranty. We are passionate about recycling Apple products so if you have any, no matter how old or bashed about they may be, please bring them to us and we’ll show it some real love.

Promise to remain positive at all times. Negativity is a tax that we will not pass on to our customers. We promise to stay positive and professional so we can be our very best for you.

Always provide Gold-Plated Customer Service. Gold-plated customer service is a phrase that one of our MacMen used to describe the way we engage with our customers and since adopting it, we’ve come to see it as the gold medal of the Customer Service Olympics. While there might not be such an award yet, we keep this gold-plated prize in mind every time we come to work. It makes us happy to make you happy. It’s as simple as that.

We’ve made many Apple users very happy over the years. Read our MacMan customer reviews to learn more about our commitment to great service and happy customers.