Nerd Immunity – June 2021 Offer

As life returns to normal and we vaccinate the nation, isn’t it time we showed our computers the same love and attention? With our June special offer, MacMan will give your tech a 3-stage deep clean so you’re ready to re-boot, all spruced up, security checked and sanitised. Boom! Here’s how it works:

Stage 1: Clean

Virus and Malware Check.

Stage 2: Clean

Thorough physical clean of your machine, including keyboard where appropriate, removing germs and bacteria.

Stage 3: Stay Clean

One take-away bottle of Mistify Natural Screen Cleaner 120ml with Antibacterial Microfibre Cloth, included in this offer [see below for more information]

Nerd Immunity Starts with a
Clean (Green) Machine

Mistify’s specially-formulated screen cleaner is made from a safe blend of plant extracts and is designed for the latest oleophobic MacBook, iPad, iPhone displays, so it removes grease, smudges and fingerprints without leaving streaks or harming your screen coating or device.