Support Case Study: Flow Yoga Studio

Founded in 2015, Flow Tunbridge Wells offers a range of yoga classes, workshops and retreats, strength training classes, yoga teacher training, sports and pregnancy massage, as well as personal osteopathy sessions.

The award-winning studio, based in a leafy Tunbridge Wells avenue, is managed by Co-Founders Lucy and Ben Parker and supported by a team of expert practitioners. While its roots are based in the ancient practice of yoga, Flow is a forward-thinking business, relying on technology to run smoothly. Lucy explains…

“Almost everything we offer here relies on being face-to-face with our clients – whether that’s a yoga class or an osteopathy appointment. When lockdown hit, like so many other businesses, we had to move everything online and that meant relying on Zoom and other technology to help reach clients efficiently and without losing momentum.”

Through The MacStore, MacMan offers a wide range of refurbished Apple and non-Apple tech, which was a lifesaver to Flow:

“We quickly realised we needed an additional iMac to operate our online classes and MacMan’s Dave sourced us a brilliant refurbished model to suit our budget – and even has a warranty. He showed us how to link up the camera and microphone and made sure Zoom was installed and running the latest version. It was all very easy and uncomplicated – and although Ben is more technically minded than me, Dave is equally patient with us both.”

Ben also relies on technology for the Osteopathy side of the business: “I have to store highly confidential client notes safely and securely but also make them accessible to my colleagues at our satellite practice in Groombridge. We used to rely on old-fashioned pen and paper but MacMan enabled us to set up a cloud solution on an iPad with an app called ‘Good Notes’. Using an Apple pencil, I can write up patient notes share and store them safely in the cloud. It’s been an enormous time saver.”

MacMan’s flexible Apple tech support plans all come with unlimited remote, email or web chat which has proved essential at Flow:

“When you’re giving someone access to your computer to solve issues, especially remotely, you really need to trust them! We hold a lot of personal information on our database as well as passwords to everything, but we know MacMan takes confidentiality very seriously and uses industry standard safety measures and authentication methods to keep our data totally secure.”

As well as signing up to our business plan, Lucy and Ben have also found MacMan’s in-store support invaluable:  

One of my teenage sons accidentally managed to destroy my MacBook while installing an update,” explains Lucy, “After praising him for the sheer extent of the damage done, MacMan went the extra mile and – determined not to give up – they eventually managed to salvage it!

“Dave and all the team at MacMan have literally kept us going throughout each lockdown. Now we’re looking forward to 2022 – the year for getting back to ‘Flow Away’ retreats. We’ll be starting with Yoga Jam in Oxon Hoath in January, Wales in May and finally Greece in September. We can’t wait!”

Can MacMan support you and your business?

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