Mac Repairs

Whether your Mac is a shiny new friend or an ageing companion, the chances are you rely on it. Trust it. Hey, maybe you even love it a little. We understand, we love them too.

So if there’s a problem, we’re here to get you back up and running. Our experienced Apple Certified technicians know every model inside out. We’ll assess and repair or replace anything from LCD displays and keyboards to power supplies, graphic chips, batteries and more. And if it’s software-related? Consider it fixed.

If your Mac is simply showing its age, we can often give it a new lease of life. Add extra memory or upgrade to a faster, bigger hard drive – we’ll transfer the data – and you’ll fall in love all over again. We’ll happily tell you what can be done.

An Express service is available, we provide insurance quotations and our work is guaranteed for three months.

If you get stuck completing the form below, just give us a call.

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Buy a New or Pre-Owned Mac Instead!

We have loads of new and pre-owned Apple computers in our online store and we offer very competitive rates on part exchanges. Browse our online store and if you see something you like and want to part exchange, get in touch.