Business Case Study: Peace of Mind from only £19 per month.

Whether you’re currently running your business from home or from a shared workspace, there’s an increasing pressure on organisations (of any size) to have the right tech support in place. After all, no-one can easily bear the cost of an IT glitch – or worse still, a total server shut down, especially at the moment. And yet most SMBs can’t easily justify the expense of an in-house specialist to deal with the day-to-day management of their IT.

Cue MacMan’s Business Support plan.

One of our clients is Brighton-based agency, Standard8, which is responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of large-scale outdoor exhibitions. From their Sussex print rooms and metal/wood workshops, Standard8’s clients include some of the world’s most prominent charities, cultural centres and design, advertising and photographic agencies.

Standard8’s Founder and Owner, Tom Snell explains:

“My role is to focus on bringing in new business and managing the team, and while I have a reasonable understanding of how our in-house IT systems work, I have neither the skillset nor the time to spend worrying about its day-to-day operation. Knowing that we pay MacMan a fixed monthly fee for a Business Support Plan gives me complete peace of mind.”

Not only does our monthly support plan enable business owners like Tom to cope with the unexpected, should it happen, but also to maintain a healthy and up-to-date IT infrastructure.

How do we help Standard8?

“Our business is entirely server-based with 100% of our data stored centrally. This makes it super-efficient, but if the server were ever to fall down, we’re next to useless.” says Tom. “Matt and Dave from MacMan are able to remotely monitor our systems and check for anomalies, to keep everything running smoothly. They ensured that everything was robust and in good shape before we entered our contract with them and they come on-site once a year, which is a great opportunity for us to bounce ideas around or ask their advice. With their support, we don’t need to spend unnecessary money or time learning the ropes ourselves, phoning round to ask for help or hiring an expensive in-house IT specialist. While MacMan deals with all our behind the scene tech – back-ups, server updates, drivers and so on, I can focus on planning for the future growth of my business.”

How can we help you?

If you’d like to reclaim a few hours in your working week by investing in a business support plan, get in touch or just click here. Our plans start from just £19 per user, per month. Your first 30 days with us are free.